Abby Lee is the Owner and Director of the Maryen Lorrain Dance Studio in Pittsburgh. In May of 1995, she opened the doors to her brand new state-of-the-art facility, renamed Reign Dance Productions. Ms. Miller is also the founder and chief choreographer of The Abby Lee Dance Company.

Ms. Miller was certified by test to teach by Dance Masters of America and received a 25 year pin. In addition, she acts as a consultant to several Public School Districts and is an advisor to Dancer Magazine. She is honored to be the Past President of Dance Masters of Pennsylvania. She is the teacher and a choreographer of fifty-three State & Regional Title Holders & Twenty-four National Title Winners!

A teacher’s reputation is based solely on the success of her students, and successful they are! She has students appearing on Broadway, at Walt Disney World in Orlando and Tokyo Disneyland in Japan, Radio City Music Hall in NYC, Detroit, Nashville, across the United States and abroad in Italy, Greece, and Japan. For every child that has gone on to dance professionally, there are a hundred more who have traveled to exciting cities, stayed in four-star hotels and won major competitions. Thanks to her, there are countless more who have stood a little taller, spoken a little louder and learned the value of hard work. She truly teaches a child that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!

Recently, Ms. Miller gained international recognition for her tv series Dance Moms, the highest rated show on the Lifetime network, and recently debuted her newest project on Lifetime, Abby Lee’s Ultimate Dance Competition. She has received accolades across the world, inspiring countless children to dance.