The Complete Jazz Course --- Includes all 3 lessons!

Abby will teach you the basics of Jazz dance to create a solid foundation of knowledge and body movement to prepare you for intermediate and advanced courses. From warm-ups, stretches, isolations, and the traditional jazz building blocks for choreography, you will have over an hour of timeless training to use, repeat and practice.

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Lesson 1

Start from the beginning. In Lesson 1, Abby teaches you the jazz basics – feet, hands, positions. Plus, learn the importance of a proper warm-up, stretches and body isolations to prepare you for more intense work.

Lesson 2

In Lesson 2, Abby builds on the Jazz foundation she started to build in Lesson 1. Starting with a warm-up to get your body moving, you’ll transition in key flexibility tools that Abby teaches and uses with all her students. Abby then teaches traditional and foundation forming Jazz preparations needed to incorporate choreography.

Lesson 3

In Lesson 3, like all classes, you’ll start with a basic Jazz warm-up, stretches and isolations to get your body moving. Then you’ll continue to build your Jazz repertoire, both by name and move. Abby will also begin to demonstrate how these moves fit together to create transitions and choreography.